New Cricket Stadium in India

India vs England 3rd test match is going to start in the world’s largest cricket stadium on February 24. Moreover it is going to be day night pink ball match. The series is already tied and this match will be crucial for both the teams. Let’s look into the features of the Magnificent Motera stadium.

A cricket stadium consists of various infrastructures like ground, dressing room, practice ground, dressing room Gym and many more. All these are quite big in terms of size and facility in Motera stadium.

Seating capacity

Previous stadium was built on 13 acres and now the new stadium is constructed on huge 33 acres of land. As by wikipedia the total capacity of the stadium is 1,32,000 which overtakes the famous Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) stadium in Australia. As of today’s India vs England only 50% of total capacity allowed to watch the match due to covid situation. Did you know the half capacity of this new Motera stadium is full tilt capacity of other stadium in India.

Lighting facilities

The entire stadium is covered with LED lighting. Usually they use flood lights but in the new stadium is situated near airport zone so they have gone with LED lights. These LED lights are perfectly placed to give 100% lighting to the ground area where they play. While playing under these lighting condition players will not feel the heat and free from eye irritation. Check out YouTube channel of Indian spinner Ashwin explains more clearly.

Other infrastructure

  • It has 4 dressing rooms, you may think why. As you know in India 2 IPL matches takes place in a day. Until one match ends the next match team has to wait outside and cannot get ready or do warm up. So to avoid such situation 4 dressing rooms has been built.
  • Massive space for both visiting and home team is available.
  • Separate gym facilities
  • Swimming pool and recovery room for each team is provided.

Great viewing area

Rooms are only the part of stadium. The main factor is how much the audience get satisfied while visiting the new stadium. Surely while entering they will be amazed by the massiveness of stadium. The viewing stands are well planed so that the entire ground will be visible for them.

Over all seeing a crucial match at the newly built cricket stadium is really an unimaginable experience. Normally today’s youngsters will skip the test match series. But from the last test series against Australia had influenced the young people hoe they struggled, fought and won the test series by breaking the record of Gabba first team to beat Australia in that ground. Current news that England was all out for 112 and India is batting good. Let’s wait and see what happens.

Who is going to win? Share your views and thoughts

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