Importance of cyber security that every women should know

As the internet opened the window of new exploration it helped human race to connect all as one. In our day to day living internet has become unavoidable part. From production, news, technology, information sharing are some of the usage but it’s not limited.

Now accessing a person data is not much complicated as before because they may be linked to any of the social media platform. It makes online space more vulnerable for people, especially for women which can affect their physical and mental wellness.

cyber security that every women should know

Let’s dive deep into some of the protective tips to safeguard girl children as well as women from online anti-social elements.

Avoid connecting to unknown people

Never accept request from unknown person through social media. As we all know that anyone can send invitation to accept them as friend. In most of the cases the major threat is caused by such people. At the beginning they will make women or girl to trust them by talking nicely with care. Once they started believing they will use it as advantage and they may steal money or even abuse them physical later on they will blackmail with the message or video, audio chatting history.

There is a simple solution for this never ever accept any unknown person as friend in online and social media platforms. Same way sending request to unknown person is also dangerous.

You must know the limit

Now we come to another point of view threats which may occur by a well-known person. In this situation the person may be a friend, relative, lover or even husband we all must know the limit of what to share and not to be shared. The main reason people send their private data in online is because they think that the data they shared will be personal between the two individuals. But we cannot permanently erase the online foot print of data it may be retrieved even it’s deleted from your mobile or any online platform.

Hackers can access the data and while mobile repairing there is a possibility personal data may be leaked. So there must be clear understand among people about data privacy and threats of data leakage.

Trust your parents

The only thing we all can trust in the whole world is our parents. We usually share most of thing that daily happens in our life with our parents when we are younger. But while growing, we generally stop sharing things with our parents. So it is not possible for them to know what their kids going through.

Such an online threat level situation we can be easily avoided if children or women shared their problematic situation with their parents. Same way parents also need to closely watch the behavioral changes in kids because some may afraid to share with parents. If this is situation parents must give trust and care so that they can know source or solution to such problem

Women must take bold action

In case of any illegal or abuse happened to women they must act boldly and file complaint against that individual or criminal. In most of the cases women or afraid to raise complaint because they think how society will take it and how their family will suffer because of this they will not take any legal action. This gives the criminals an advantage and they will continue to abuse other women without any fear.

To stop such an illegal things we must educate women how to handle such situation and how to safeguard themselves from such evil social elements.

Other key points to consider

  • Try to avoid installing unauthorized mobile apps because there is a chance of data leakage such as photos, video even your bank details and password.
  • Never click to links in website or social platforms which looks like a suspicious one.
  • Another important thing is that you must inform your parents where you are going and when will you arrive back. If you are hiding means it will be a mistake from your side.

Protective steps to be taken:

First of all the punishment for crimes against women must be high so that there will be fear among people who involve in such activities.

Investigation and Judgement must be given in less period of time because country like India the court trail goes for more than 5 years and even some cases there is no justice provided to the people who filed complaint.

More number of women must be appointed in cyber security and children safety. As by the reports of in 2017, women’s share in the U.S. cybersecurity field was 14%, compared to 48% in the general workforce.

Continuous monitoring is required in online social media platforms. So that if there is any threats found it can be eliminated quickly.

Women and children must be thought from schooling itself regarding the threats, causes and how to protect themselves from being abused by others.

To sum up

Thinking that online space is safe for women and girl children is completely against the reality. As a civilized human being it’s our responsibility to protect women from such anti-social elements. Girls and women must understand their responsibility to protect their family and culture. Prevention is better than cure is a good line we must keep in mind. If follow simple steps in online space it will be no problem. Hope you have understand the importance of cyber safety for women.

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