PUBG banned in India what is the reason is behind

PUBG (Players Unknown Battle Ground) is very addictive game which has been reached among young people within a short span of time. Different modes, team play and chance to compete against all players around the world had made the game interesting and attractive one.

With over 100+ Million downloads it is available in Google play store but as of current situation it has been officially announced that PUBG has been banned in India. You might wonder what would be the reason behind for banning such widely used app. Well it is the counter action by Indian government for the national border dispute with China.

Major reason for banning:

India and china has border dispute in Ladakh region. The issue has burst out in June both nation soldiers had clash and deaths occurred on both side during the fight. As a counter strike India has banned 59 Chinese apps including TikTok.  This action had done serious impact among the other Chinese app companies.

There was a talk that PUBG is the next app which is going to be banned but players in India did not think that it will be implemented. But yesterday Indian government has banned new 118 new Chinese apps including PUBG.

Impact on china:

Chinese app companies get billion dollar of their revenue from their apps. As most populated country like India uses these app it will provide revenue to Chinese both directly or indirectly to them. They use money which has gone out against us and their economy also becomes stronger

In order to tackle and prevent money from getting out of the county Indian government taking various aggressive steps like these. To china it is a great loss because their profit and revenue gets affected.  For example TikTok is looking to sell the company itself to America. Many app companies has closed or facing severe loss.

People and economist are welcoming such actions against china. Same way boycott Chinese products also spreading among the people.

PUBG Player’s reaction in India

As previously mentioned the PUBG game is most widely played among the Indian youths and people. Due to the ban they are much disturbed and may not able to play the game. Already installed people are facing trouble to login as well as playing the game. People are more addictive that they cannot control themselves. Some use VPN to play PUBG. But some say PC version of PUBG is still working. They are expecting to remove ban as soon as possible.

The pressure on both countries is still rising up as the border dispute still growing. Many actions can be expected from the Indian government. However the ban will not be withdrawn as of now but in future we have wait and see what happens

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