Online Education In India What Students And Parents Need To Know

Parents in India consider their children’s education as valuable and investment for their bright future. Online education or online learning is a new education system that is introduced in India. Parents students and even teachers never thought even in their dreams that it will be introduced during this pandemic situation. As a developing country like India, it is a challenge to educate students. Already they have lost half of their academics due to this COVID pandemic. Students have been announced that they will be promoted to the next class without any examination by the Government.

As a solution, India is facing disruption in their education system. They have planned to teach students through the online learning system. Let’s see various factors and possibilities of success by implementing the online education system.

Learning and teaching with the help of the internet without any physical interference is called Online education or learning. In these students and teachers will be connected with common platforms which allows them to interact and learn their subjects.

Chance of Availability to all students

In order to access online education certain things are required such as an Internet connection, mobile or computer device. To buy these things parents have to spend some amount. No problem for the parents who can afford these things but in India still there is people in poverty struggling for their day to day survival. It is a question that all students have access and affordability to involve in online education. As the situation is uncertain online education is a solution to this crisis but tries to overcome the challenges faced by the students.

Access to all resources for studying

The Internet has plenty of opportunities to learn new things. In school students only read their textbooks only but with the help of internet, the student has access to almost everything related to studies. Many online courses are available for free students can access them by just signing in. Based on their interest they can study coding, literature, animation, etc. All they need is an eagerness to learn new things.

Less interaction and participation

In school teachers can know what each and every individual students are doing and can find out students are concentrating or not. But in online class the interaction between the students and teachers are less. Also teachers cannot able to know whether the students are understanding or listening to class. Unless teacher ask question to individual student they cannot find he is active in class.

Diversion is unavoidable

Making the students to concentrate in online class is difficult because students will get tired and bored while continuously watching computer or mobile displays. Same way many ads will pop up on the screen suddenly students will get distracted and there is a lot of chance that they will click and go to unauthorized sites or sites which is harmful to students education as well as life. Solution for this is having a very own Learning Management System for each school so that there will be no diversion and safe learning is possible.

Positive key points:

  • Due to online education, the old education system will be changed and students will undergo paperless studies. All books can be converted into E-books.
  • Assignment submission and correction can be done online. Which help teachers to do their work quickly
  • Innovative ways of teaching can be introduced such as holograms, a virtual reality that will help to engage students more.
  • Questions can be answered by an expert or person who is having knowledge in that field by platforms like Quora.
  • The advanced learning can be possible to students which help them to succeed in their related field of interest

Drawbacks to consider in

  • There are many levels in education primary, high school and college. Based on that online education system need to change which will take time.
  • Preventive measures to avoid diversion due to unwanted sites must be taken.
  • Make sure all the students have all resources to access online education.
  • Monitoring performance and learning capacity of student is not accurate than individual concentration by teachers.
  • Both physical and mental health of students will be affected. Eyestrain or feeling loneliness without talking to friends.

To sum up

The pandemic crisis has affected almost all fields and sectors in the world. The education industry has not escaped but to solve this online education or learning has been implemented. This system has been introduced much earlier than expected so students, teachers, and the government are not prepared for it. Anyway, there are some drawbacks while implementing it. But we have no other choice we need to educate our students also ensure they are safe from the COVID situation. Now we have known how to face and prepare for education in such a situation. All we have to do ensure all get an equal chance to learn and researches need to be done on how to develop an engaging education system.

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